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Hurricane Season Is Here


Did you know that June 1st is the start of hurricane season? Recent years have been relatively calm ones for the Carolinas, however the weather service has been predicting there to be this year as many as 14 named tropical storms in the Atlantic basin. So now is the time to get your home and family ready, just in case!

Who can forget what happened to our area in 1996 as Hurricane Fran swept through the region with winds topping 90 mph. We were living over in Chapel Hill doing without power and tap water for a week. The damage was incredible. Thousands of trees were down making roads impassable for days.

Get yourself ready by doing the following:

   Check your homeowner insurance policy. Did you know that most policies don’t cover flood damage? Or getting the proper coverage takes an average of 30 days? Have an insurance check-up now - long before a tropical storm approaches.

  • Be sure to have a reserve supply of food and water that will last your family for a week. A common rule of thumb is to store one gallon of water per person per day. Consider using your gas grill as a way of cooking and boiling water. Always use it outside, making sure to have the backup gas tank for the grill full and ready to use.
  • Check that you have plenty of fresh batteries for your flash lights. A handy source of lighting: get a flashlight that straps to your forehead. Very useful for keeping your hands free when working in the dark!
  • Another key consideration: the region-wide power outage means purchasing will be done on a cash basis. Have an emergency stash of small denomination cash hidden away along with those hard to replace documents such as your passports, birth certificates etc... You never know when you have to evacuate in a hurry!
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